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Hello fellow Accutron collectors. Below you will find an assortment of some of the best Accutron Spaceview and Accutron Astronaut watches available on the web. I'm damn proud of my repair and restoration capabilities, so I offer a one year warranty on all of my Accutrons, as if they were new. Of course you can find less expensive Accutron Spaceview and Accutron Astronaut watches on Ebay, and if you are lucky they might even work...for awhile. Factor in the cost of a complete restoration with the purchase price and the cost for replacement parts and you will likely end up paying more for your Accutron than one of the watches below will cost you, not to mention a lengthy (up to 6 months) turnaround time. There are only a couple of persons outside of myself with the ability to make an Accutron look as good as it did when it left the factory. Purchasing one of the watches below will get you one of the best available. Oftentimes you will also have one of the rarest since I tend to concentrate on restoration of some of the harder to find models in the very best of condition.


M5, 1965, Heavy Assymetric florentined Accutron 14k Spaceview. It's the heaviest of the spaceview gold cases and has a tremendous presence. Working great, freshly serviced and better than about all like it you could hope to find. A true beauty!!!. I believe it's my first like it this year, $1895
M0, 1960, first year, Accutron Center Lug Spaceview in solid white gold with a tuning fork buckle on the band!!! Exceedingly rare from year one, which was really only the last couple of months of of the very first and in impeccable condition keeping excellent freshly serviced time. Wonderful for a collector and fan of the Accutron!!!, $1795
Rare Spiral Lug Accutron Spaceview. The finest example I've ever had and worthy of any watch collector's collection...kind of a grail watch, in my opinion., $1895
Not 14k, but Solid 18k Accutron 218 Spaceview. Exceedingly rare in 18k and it's practically a new 50ish year old Accutron. None better to be found, $1995
M6, 1966 Accutron Accutron Chapter Ring Spaceview with a beautiful Accutron leather strap and fork buckle, priced to sell quickly, $995
N0, 1970 Accutron cushion spaceview "T" with a beautiful green Accutron signed leather band and tuning fork buckle. This one is amongst the larger of the spaceview models and although vintage, quite contempory in terms of size since a lot of people like them larger nowadays. It's in beautiful condition and is freshly serviced so put it on your wrist immediately, or sock it away as a collectible going up incrementally in value every day, $1295
Likely the most coveted and collectible Accutron of them all...the 50th anniversary of the Accutron...The Accutron Spaceview. Designed with the alpha case. Only 1000 of these were made, 600 for the US and all were sold immediately. This one is #313 of 1000. They are most certainly going to keep going up in value and are extremely hard to find, especially in this ones condition. It was worn only a handful of times and is still in impeccable new...with all of its original packaging, pamphlets, band, etc. It keeps perfect time and for an Accutron is amongst the largest models measuring in at 42mm. I true reamigining of the original Spaceview and it hums as they did over 50 years ago but with a completely modern design with modern parts. I should price it a lot higher, but am letting it go for only $6,000. Check out the incredible glass display case that it came it. All will be included in the sale and it will be packed incredibly for shipment to insure perfect arrival. Now's  your chance!!!!!!!    SOLD 
Steel Accutron Chapter Ring Spaceview in superb condition. Fully serviced and the single most collectible accutron of them all. Also, with a beautiful leather Accutron strap and an additional Accutron matching bracelet for an extra plus!!!, $995, #1226, SOLD
M3, 1963, Yellow Dot B Accutron Spaceview. Not my best photos, but this one is truly beautiful and better than just about any you'll see. Serviced and working great! Atrue one year only collectible, #1225, $1095
M0, 1960, one of the earliest 18k models i've ever seen with an origional 3 wire coil set. it's beautiful, but i appear to have a small smudge on the case back photo when it actuality it may as well be mint. for every 14k spaceview you'll see, you might see one 18k spaceview, so there are definitely hard to come by and wanted in the worst way by collectors. It also has a very early band, before the accutron logo was added to the buckle, marked 14k, so it's a solid gold buckle to boot. None finer, #1224, $2295, SOLD
M6, 1966 Cadeceus Dial Accutron. It's known as the Accutron Pulsations. Check out its original ad herring bone bracelet that is an absolutely perfect compliment. This is the one doctors used to wear back in the day if they were cool. Nowadays, its the model oftentimes purchased as a gift for prospective doctors finishing up their residency and going into the field. Nurses love them, too. You never see one in this condition and this one, although 55 years old, may as well have been purchased yesterday. It's a true inspiration for Accutron collectors or anyone wanting a vintage doctor's watch...priced to sell quickly..., #1223, $1795
Steel, Accutron Chapter Ring Spaceview. Spaceview. It's in fantastic condition and is fully serviced. One of the least expensive models out there that left the factory as a spaceview and is not a conversion as so many are, nowadays, #1122, $995
M1, 1961, Accutron Spaceview Alpha. As good as any I have had in the past and is most likely the single most collected Accutron of them all. The first of its kind. Not as rare as hens teeth, but damn near and in impeccable condition with a beautiful Accutron croc leather band and fork buckle, #1121, $1895, SOLD
M1, 1961, absolutely stunning solid white gold Center Lug Spaceview with a very uncommon florentine bezel finish. Almost always, this model has a smooth finish, but this one takes the cake. Original crystal and hands with an Accutron black lizard leather band and fork buckle. It's a true beauty and is fully serviced and ready to wear and/or collect, #1120, $1995, SOLD
M0, double stamped M4, exceeding rare to see this, a solid white gold and addedly rare spiral lug Spaceview. It's just about perfect in every way and a coveted piece for collectors with a beautiful accutron leather band and fork buckle. The pride of any collection, #1119...$2295, SOLD
M0, The rarest pair. I was told by someone at Bulova who has been there for many years that these are as rare as the platinum Accutron. Other than these two, and they came from the biggest Accutron collector in the world, they are the only ones like them i have seen. One is pictured in the early Accutron pamphlet...see below. Both have an awful lot of gold. One is yellow. One is white. Both have their original crytals and solid gold original bracelets. I'll bet you've never seen another. They are not for the faint of heart because they belong in a collection that no others would have. For the buyer interested in having something not to be found elsewhere, now's your chance. Nearly one of a kind and they come as a pair, #1117, $9995
Solid 14k Bezel Accutron Astronaut w/accutron leather band and fork buckle. There's a slight wear spot on the back seen in a photo, so I'm reducing the price by $200, but it's not bad at all for such a beautiful model, #1114, $1695
M1, 1961, 14k solid gold Accutron Alpha Spaceview. It's beautiful and worthy of any accutron collection with a fantastic band, too. Fully serviced and timing great...$1895, #1112

N1, 1971, gold filled and steel, an Accutron chapter ring spaceview in what has to be a 9.5 out of 10 condition. It's a beauty and ready for your wrist with its Accutron band and fork buckle...$1195, 1107

M1, 1961, 14k Accutron Spiral Lug Spaceview....probably the most ornate of the cases because of the lug design...beautiful, fully serviced, near impeccable and so much better than the rare one you might find elsewhere in terms of condition with an Accutron leather band and fork buckle. I liked the gold-tone movement inside of it when I acquired it so left it inside to give it an overall more golden appearance, but if you prefer i'd be glad to put a nickle-tone M1 movement inside fo the sake of originality...$1895, 1105, SOLD
N0, 1970, Most all are round, but this on has a squarish-shape for the discerning collector looking for something just a bit different. Includes inner and outer Accutron boxes and original Bulova band...$895, 1104
M6, 1966, Solid 14k Accutron Spaceview. Florentined bezel, the heaviest of the solid gold cases, so the most gold. Fully serviced with an Accutron box and coin, 1099, $1895, SOLD
N0, 1970, absolutely of the larest of the 218 models...a DEEP SEA!!! Freshly serviced and impeccable, especially at this good price for a true collectible/wearable model with a beautiful mesh bracelet...1096, $995. 
M9, 1969, gold filled, Accutron 218 Spaceview. Outside of an 18k Spaceview, this model, although gold-filled, is likely the rarest of the spaceviews. Comparatively, few actual 218 spaceviews were made, so this is an incredible piece for any collection, fully serviced and timing wonderfully. Includes original bark-finish Accutron and fork buckle bracelet, too...1094, $1495.

M1, 1961, solid white gold Accutron Center Lug w/tuning fork buckle. Florentined bezel, extremely sharp, with an alpha it's a perfect compliment to any Accutron collection. Original dial which is probably the best looking dial I've seen on a very early Accutron. Also included, inner box, 1092, $1895. 

M2, 1962, True new old stock..........TIFFANY dial, Accutron white gold Center Lug w/accutron leather strap and fork buckle. I haven't had one of these in years and it's the best example of a Tiffany Accutron I have ever seen. Early, Tiffany, white gold, as good as it gets, 1091, $1995.
  M3, 1963, Yes, a real '63, Yellow B. It's beautiful and one of the rarest models, primarily made only in 1963, worn the year Kennedy was asassinated when the cost of about 20 of these could have purchased a new car, only a few very light marks on the buckle. Otherwise, it's practically mint with a beautiful Accutron bracelet, #1089, $1595.

N5, 1975,  a rare 218 Anniversary. Sure, we all know of the 214 Anniversary made only in 1975 with an unmarked date code case back, but have you seen another anniversary that is a 218? They are out there, but not in this one's condtion. It's practially new and working great after a fresh service. Truly, it's an absolute collector's piece and one of the very best 218 models you'll ever see, #1083, $895.
M1, 1961,  18k Accutron to the platinum, this is the rarest Accutron out there and comes as a COMPLETE package, pamphlets, inner and outer boxes, original battery and coin. It sat for years in a safety deposit box of the biggest Accutron collector I know and is the oldest 18k Astro I've seen. I had thought it was only made in '65 to '66, but being marked M1 makes it decidly rarer. I suspect it was a test Accutron only to be produced a few years later. Just like my email tagline, the most expensive watch you'll ever own is the one you buy instead of the one you really want. Get your dream Accutron here first and don't worry about looking back. It's a beauty. Freshly serviced and unrestored...looking like a million bucks, #1082, $11995.
The rarest 218 I've seen. Tonneau-shaped, steel, black dial, none finer. In fact, it's new old stock. I was lucky to acquire this one from someone years ago and just got around to finishing it up. I had intended to leave it in my collection but once it was completed, I couldn't resist putting it up for sale and showing it off. New old stock Bulova's the only one like it I have ever seen, although I did see a photo of it somewhere online. You won't find another for sale. It's impreccable and still has its new old stock sticker on the back...#1074, SOLD
N2, 1972, Steel, Accutron 218 Deep Sea. Fully restored. You can find one one Ebay for less, but in this condition we're talking $400. And you will need to get it serviced for at a minimum of $260, and it won't even be restored to look like a near mint model unless you put in another $100. This one is ready now and it looks like a champ. See the's beautiful...#1072, $895

N7, 1977, the very  last year of Accutron production. It looks as nice as it did back in the day when it was likely purchased over the counter at Disney. Keeping great time, now's your chance to get your wife hooked on Accutrons like extremely collectiblle Mickey Mouse Accutron #1064, $895
M5, 1965, solid 14k ring and stel Accutron Spaceview with its original 2-tone Accutron bracelet. Fully restored and looking/operating spectacularly. Very small, but there are a couple of small dents in a couple of the gold caps on the braclet on the underside but they don't affect the look at all. #1063, $1195
1973, N3, Accutron Accquartz...absolutely new old stock and keeping excellent time. It's near impossible to find a true new old stock piece, so this one is worthy of any collection, $895, #1040

Rare Accutron tuning fork counter display, $595, #1041

Accutron clock in incredible serviced condition, $795, #1042

EXTREMELY RARE, Accutron jewelers display, approximately 8" diameter, shaped like an alpha and only made in '61 for jewlers willing to spend a bit on a beautiful display. I've never seen its like and I've seen everything Accutron related. Only a true collector would appreciate this piece as much as myself. I picked it up from a lifelong Accutron collector who has had it stored away for 50 years . It lights and then flashes ever few seconds. When it flashes, the dial changes from a dialed Alpha into a Spaceview Alpha. $2495, #1043....display movie

Accutron Christmas watch display. I've not seen one of these before either, so it's rare, to say the least...for a true Accutron collector. There are 4 in the group...see last photo, $495, #1044

Accutron watch displays, $100, #1045

4-Accutron watch display. I've seen some displays but none quite like this one, $395, #1046

6-Accutron watch display, another rarity, $495, #1047

16-Accutron watch display. A big collector would love this rare piece for all of his Accutrons. Also incuded is the tuning fork and metal display. Put an Accutron inside of it, too...rarely seen, $795, #1048

Wood Accutron display and very early tuning fork display to contain an Accutron, $595, #1049

Accutron tuning fork display, very rare, $395, #1050

Accutron "rope" spaceview clock, in incredible serviced condition, $995, #1051

Accutron standing spaceview clock in incredible serviced condition, $995, #1052
Accutron Clock, the perfect spaceview clock!!!, #1053, $995
Accutron mini pedestal spaceview clock in incredible serviced condition, $895, #1054

M6, 1966, Accutron, gold-filled and steel 214 in impeccable condition. Not a spaceview, but amongst the best otherwise and very affordable. Also with an early ad bracelet in fantastic condition. $795, #1006
14k Yellow Gold, Accutron Center Lug w/Acctron band and fork bucke...florentined bezel, too, so uncommon, fully restored, $1795, #1010
M8, 1968 Gold Filled and Steel, Accutron Spaceview case, fully restored and ready for a movement, $250, #1016

N6, 1976 Steel Accutron Spaceview case, like new and ready for a movement to save you dollars by adding movement, $250, #1017

14k Accutron 218 with Accutron leather band, and coveted 100 buckle, $895, #1019

14k white gold Accutron Center Lug with Accutron shark leather band and diamond dial, $1895, #1025

Black dial Accutron 214 with Accutron braclet, slight wear on bracelet but overall in great shape $895, #1026
Gold filled Accutron 214 with diamond dial, $895, #1027

Steel Accutron 218, rectangular, I' have an Accutron leather band with a fork buckle to be added, $695, #1028

Extremely rare, before the spaceview and what made Bulova decide to make the Spaceview when customers saw this very early display, $4995, reduced $3995, #1034, $2295
Mini Accutron Spaceview clock, box, hang tag, very hard to find, $1195, #1035

New Old Stock, steel Accutron 218, still has protection film on back, $895, #1036

Likely prototype mini clock, approximately 2" tall, without the usual setting mech for a 214 as it has to be opened to set the time. It's the only one like it I've ever seen and it has been sitting in a safely deposit box for years from a huge Accutron collector, $4995, reduced $3995, #1037

Beautiful, 14k Accutron Spaceview Alpha with Accutron leather band, $1895, #1038, SOLD

$25000, reduced $'s an interesting note, a 6 inch cube of platinum weighs 139lbs.
$11,995 (back again)
First one I've ever seen. Sure, we've heard about it but no one has ever actually held one that I've known. Have you seen another? An early newspaper article published in the Long Island Newsday in March of 1961 mentioned a $2500 platinum Accutron. I'm betting there were fewer than a dozen produced and likely only the biggest wigs of the time received one. This one's serial # is B55958 and it was manufactured in February of 1961...a month before the article was published. Can you imagine someone paying $2500 for a watch in 1961? Was there a more expensive watch from any other company at that time? First one I've ever seen. Sure, we've heard about it but no one has ever actually held one that I've known. I have it on the best of authority that only a handful were produced and only in 1961. This one is from February of 1961. I was informed, too, that it was intended for Christmas sales. And it's HEAVY!!!

On most Accutrons, Iíll restore their casebacks but remembered when it arrived here originally several years ago that the gentleman who had originally purchased it from me had asked me not to restore it and wanted it to be completely original, which it still is. It does come with that ultra-wanted all wooden Accutron box, too, and its outer boxÖalso a coin and an early Accutron pamphlet. The box was actually suggested when it was new to g3 uw3e as a cigarette box. I had a Bulova photo of that but canít seem to find it. There appears to be a very faint leftover inscription on the back. I tried to catch the light just right in order to see it as itís hard to see. It seems to read A.R.ABCEDB. I havenít a clue what that means but some Googling to find that out might help. Likely, it represents someone of importance based on the then cost of this beauty.

Here's some info I found fascinating:, #1039

Crystal: 29.4mm
Model 2703-P
Buckle marked: irid plat, Z & F
Back of dial marked: 05-5, TRI
Case width: 32.73mm
Bracelet: integrated, heavy decorated mesh
Case back: marked at top, Plat-Irid
Inside case back has a letter "P" stamped. Printed in black ink, "945"
Crown is non-snap back
Battery hatch has spring with raised, circular center...not the earlier 3-prong
Dial: gloss black with what appears to be platinum hour markers
Total weight with dial, hands, movement, and crystal (no battery): 4.25 ounces
Total weight without dial, hands, movement, crystal, battery: 3.8 ounces

If you would like to contact me, please call 309-287-2627 or send an email to: . I live by my computer and will do my absolute best to get back to you within a day through email or phone.

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