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There is not an "OFFICIAL" Accutron repair site.'s repairs, however, is the only Accutron Repair site RECOMMENDED by Bulova Corporate, Woodside, NY


Nearly 7000 accutrons repaired single-handedly to date!!!


Pleaase do not send any boxes which you want to keep...Accutron boxes or otherwise.




Frequently Asked Questions


Accutron Article, published in WatchTime


A Humdinger of a Watch


Accutron Repair, Spaceview Repair, Astronaut Accutron Repair, and
Restoration for your cherished Accutron, Accutron Spaceview
and Accutron Astronaut Watches
(fees listed near bottom, click here)


There's a reason why some Accutron repairers don't list their prices. Once you have their estimate in hand I promise you'll know why but you will already have spent money on their diagnosis fee when you realize that $600 to $1200  or more is far too much to spend on your Accutron's repair since most can be accomplished with a standard $210 service for 214 and $245 for 218 models. I do not charge a diagnosis fee as a competitor does. It only takes a couple of minutes to determine what is needed. My client base currently includes 18 countries and every state in the U.S. When another site gives you a price for service, you will find out when you try them that that service fee is only the tip of the iceberg. They will give you a list of parts needing to be replaced getting you up quite high on repair costs. And when they say they purchased all of Bulova's Accutron parts, it isn't true because I know the gentleman who did years ago before passing. He was known as the Accutron Man. Also, when they say they don't charge a fee for restoration of case components like the case back, battery hatch or crown, it isn't true either because they build that into the overall cost of the repair and that's why their quotes always end up being in the $1000 plus range. I've seen many quotes they had given in writing to customers who didn't want to pay that much who then sent their Accutron to me for repair.


And when they say they are recommended by Bulova for Accutron repairs, that isn't true either. See for  yourself. Give Bulova a call and you will discover that they recommend me.


Here's Bulova's repair department's phone number...800-233-3350.


Feel free to call or email. Sometimes, depending on how many Accutrons are currently in for repair, it may take me a day or two to reply but I will always get back to you.

(now accepting an Accutron 214 trade-ins with good coils for a $110 credit towards repair or $80 for a 218 with good coils, call for details, 309.287.2627)


Accutron Repair Form


"That smoothly sweeping, sinusoidally driven, second sweep hand evokes a measure of tranquility in my soul - We may measure time in chunks but time is a continuum from eternity to eternity" - "Buy Original Bulova Accutron" - CarltonS


If you would like to contact me directly about Accutron Repair, Accutron Spaceview Repair, or Astronaut Accutron Repair, please send an email to:, or call 309.287.2627. If you call, I won't be able to return your call until after 4pm Central as I'm glued to my bench until then. I would be happy to help you with your Accutron Repair, Accutron Spaceview Repair or Astronaut Accutron Repair. I'm very busy with repairs and try to keep up with phone and email messages, so if you don't get me right away with one method be sure to try another. I'll always get back to you as quickly as possible. I receive a lot of voicemails and emails so getting back immediately can be difficult, but I promise if you can be patient I will get back to you just as quickly as possible. Please don't leave messages over the weekend as I do not answer my phone then, but be assured I'll get back to you Monday through Friday.


Have a look at this recent repair. It belonged to Dr. Ralph A. Alpher (photo below), recipient of The National Medal of Science Award, presented by the President George W. Bush, "For his unprecedented work in the areas of nucleosynthesis, for the prediction that universe expansion leaves behind background radiation, and for providing the model for the Big Bang Theory."--2005, George W. Bush. Please click this link for more information regarding Dr. Alpher.


Dr. Ralph Alpher Dr. Ralph Alpher's Accutron

Copyright (c) Victor S. Alpher, Ph.D.




"Winston Churchill once quipped :'A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.' I have read with sadness and dismay the negative rant of a customer of Bob Piker's regarding Bob's skills and abilities. May I relate my experiences with Bob Piker over these last three years. I found Bob's web site while searching for an Accutron technician to repair my 1971 Spaceview. As it turned out the problem was minor, The watch was fixed and returned promptly. A few months later I purchased an Accutron Spaceview on eBay...a watch best described as a total wreck! Having perused Bob's web site I knew he offered restoration services for these watches. I was almost apologetic in sending Bob the watch. After he received the watch he e-mailed a detailed cost estimate and his assurance that the watch could be restored. The results were spectacular! I sent him a lump of coal and he returned a diamond. Since that initial restoration, I have sent Bob a total of 10 Accutrons for either service and/or restoration. Without fail Bob had met and exceeded my highest expectations. His charges are reasonable, communication timely and informative, and quality of work simply amazing. If you have any doubts as to Bob Piker's abilities or capabilities, rest assured that your treasured Bulova Accutron will be in the best of hands."--Carl, West Cost of Florida


"If you own an Accutron watch in need of repair, there is genuinely no better person to trust than Bob Piker.  I asked Bob if he could repair and restore my grandfather’s Accutron watch back to its previous working order.  He completed the job in an incredibly timely manner with absolute transparency on the cost of services, while maintaining communication with me throughout the repairs process.  More importantly, when a completely separate part of my watch gave me trouble less than 6 months later, he was kind enough to fix the issue at no additional service costs. In a day and age where craftsmanship, courtesy and quality of service are the outlier rather than the expectation, Bob Piker goes above and beyond for his customers. I whole heartedly recommend his services and cannot thank him enough for giving me the pleasure of wearing my grandfather’s working watch once again."--Adam, Pittsburg, PA


"Recently my Accutron Spaceview watch manufactured in 1964 began running slow. We took it to a trusted local watchmaker who said he could clean and lubricate it but if it needed replacement parts he wan’t sure he could obtain them. Because of that he would not be able to offer us a guarantee.

We mentioned this to our grandson who surfed the net and located a website for Robert Piker. We called Bob and describe the problem to him and he said he could easily take care of it. He’s very easy to talk to and told us that he got into the repair of Accutron watches in 2001 because he had a similar problem. He taught himself how to repair Accutron vintage watches, and to Bob it became is a labor of love. He said that he searches the web daily to source replacement parts so he always has a supply available. We sent our Accutron to him and he called us back to tell us he could repair the watch and that he would test it for several days after it was repaired to make sure it was running precisely as the day it was manufactured.

If you send the watch to Bob, he will evaluate the problem and call you to tell you what has to be done and how much it will cost. From our experience, his repair prices are extremely reasonable.

Every time we spoke to Bob we were confident we made the right choice. In fact, he told us that not only do watch repair people send him their Accutrons, but the Bulova company itself send him the vintage Accutrons to be repaired. This was very reassuring to us since he is one of the few people in the country who repair such watches. Let us tell you if you have an Accutron Spaceview or Astronaut watch that has to be repaired don’t think twice, contact Bob Piker at 309-287-2627 or You’ll be as thankful as we were that you did."--David and Judy K, NJ


"My Accutron is a 214.  It was given to me by my father prior to his passing in 2015.  He purchased it in the late 60’s in Iran on business.  It is important to me. It never kept proper time after I replaced the battery.  A watch repair company in Michigan charged me an exorbitant fee to replace the battery and get it to keep reasonable time. Ya, eventually the battery needed replacement again.  Same issues again!  Bulova put me on to Bob.  Bob put in a new battery and tweaked the watch for a few weeks at a reasonable cost.  I am a perfectionist.  Time was not yet perfect, possibly due to shipping.  Bob wanted it back.  Two weeks later I got it back.  It has not lost a minute in the last 6 weeks.  YOU HAVE A 214?  GO TO BOB!  No one else will ever work on this watch."  JD, New Buffalo, MI


"Thank you so much Bob,the item arrived today November 22 2018,just as you promise me the watch is keeping perfect time and the 14k gold case is in prestine shape.This accutron will be cherish for many years to come thanks and you are a man of your word."--Jose, Montreal Quebec


Youtube video, from a customer of mine...a really good guy, Jonathan. M, --New York, NY


"The watch is running accurately, and I thank you that you restored to me what was supposedly unfixable. God's blessings on you, sir; keep up the good work.  I found the original warranty on this watch; my husband and kids bought it for me for Christmas, 1973 ( a Series 230, for whatever that means)." Sara, Waco, TX


"Thank you very much, Bob! My nice watch arrived back in good order. Can’t say how pleased I am with your service and how you feel like a friend! That said, I hope that I don’t need your help again! "--James, Alberta, Canada


"Just wanted to say hello. As you probably know the watch is keeping perfect time and bringing good memories. You are very much appreciated."--Bellaire, TX

"i will talk to patty to check out judysbook to post a positive review. and feel free to add a review to your testimonial page use my name if you would like.  the watch is still running and i am most happy with it.  i thank you bob"--Patricia, Uniontown, PA


I know you've heard all the stories, but I'm going to tell you mine anyway. The Accutron was my Dad's, a gift from my Mom for their 25th wedding anniversary. A couple of years after he got it, 16 year old me had one of those fancy new black plastic digital watches with a calculator. Dad though that plastic watch was so cool that he traded me outright for the Accutron. Mom almost left him over it. I've worn it for years and can't wait to wear it for many more." -- Steve,


"Watch is working wonderful!!!! I would not trade it for a Rolex."--William, Harrisburg, PA


"Bob, I got the watch back yesterday and just wanted you to know that it is keeping time like an atomic clock. Thanks again it was worth the wait to have it running like new. You’re the best Bob, thanks again."-- Dave, Broad Channel, NY


"Thank you very much for repairing my 1961 Gold Alpha Accutron spaceview, it is now keeping very very accurate time. Bob you have always been a pleasure to work with and you have always been very reasonably priced. I would also like to mention the wonderful job you did on my 1960 gold TV model 521 art deco accutron, this watch has been running perfectly since being cleaned and adjusted by my friend Bob Piker. Based on my experience with Accutron 214 model watches if you need service you should contact Bob Piker at There is no substitute for Bob's high level of service and commitment."--Dave, Arlington, VA


"Hey Bob. Thank you very much for making the Accutron right for me.  I am very pleased and am wearing it now. You are a gentleman and a scholar!!!" Best, Michael, South Dartmouth, MA


"Good afternoon Bob. I just wanted to thank you for the excellent work you did on this watch. I wasn't alive for the Accutron era, but hearing this watch hum like it did in 1969 really evokes the magic of the Space Age. This is actually my first "real" watch, so thank you for making this all possible. I would gladly recommend your services to anyone."--DeWayne, Ham Lake, MN 


"Dear Bob. Just wanted to write and thank you for repairing my watch.  I received the watch from my wife on our 1st. year wedding anniversary.  Next year we will celebrate our 50th year anniversary.  I have worm the watch almost ever day after the 1st. year.  When it stopped running, I felt as if I has lost an old friend and wasn't sure if it could be repaired.  I found you through a web search and decided to take a chance and send it to you. I know that you have worked on the watch many many time.  I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated you efforts and expertise.  I am now wearing the watch again after receiving it yesterday in the mail.  You efforts have not gone unnoticed."--Gerald, Allen, TX


"This is an unqualified recommendation from a repeat customer. Bob's work was timely, fairly priced, and he kept me up-to-date. He has my unqualified recommendation."--Lawrence R.,  New York City


"Hi Bob. Many watches will have crossed your threshold coming and going since my Dad's  Accutron left your immensely skilled hands and most conscientious care, but I wanted to give you an End of The Journey story and photo; I  printed out a copy of the "Humdinger of a Watch" article from your website, and put it in a report folder. I wrapped the watch separately in a small box, placed the article on top and wrapped both in a larger box. Dad started out reading the article....he said it occurred to him around page 3 that HIS watch was probably in that smaller package. He read everything carefully before opening that little box.  It was one of those eye-glistening, lump-in-throat moments. He was speechless for a bit (That is a rarity for my Dad). And MY gift was watching his surprise and pleasure. Thanks Again, Bob.....keep things HUMMING...keep sharing your skill and care...and creating similar moment of uncomplicated delight. I leave you with this image, Of Man and Accutron Happily Reunited!"--Nyla, St. Charles, IL


"On June 6 1971 my parents gave me an Accutron Spaceview watch for my college graduation. I was thrilled but after a few weeks it stopped working. I took it to the jewelry store where it had been purchased and over the course of a year was repaired several times but it never worked more than a week at a time. Over the years I attempted to find someone who could fix it but eventually gave up. About 5 years ago I found a jewelry store near where I lived and they had an elderly watch repair man who said he could fix it. His repair lasted one day and I took it back. He fixed it again but it gained about 10 minutes per hour so I took it back again. After 8 months he called and said it was ready but it only ran a few then stopped so back into the drawer it went. Last year I was looking online to see if there was anyone who might buy it in a non-working condition and discovered Bob Piker�s web site advertizing Accutron repairs. Bob identified the faulty component and it has worked perfectly and keeps accurate time. Knowing my situation Bob could have told me it was not reparable, bought it for a small fee and then sold it on his web site but he is completely honest. This is an unsolicited testimony and I highly recommend Bob Piker�s services to anyone." Dave, Gulf Shores, AL


"Watch is working wonderful!!!! I would not trade it for a Rolex."--William, Harrisburg, PA


"Thanks again for your work and your patience with me bugging you. My watch shop told me that they may have more watches to send your way, I hope they do. It�s been a pleasure to work with you. I can�t wait to show this to the family. They will be pleasantly surprised. Best to you and your family and happy holidays!"--Matt, Evansville, IN


�Seems like most decisions are based on whether you just want it done, or do you want it done right?   if the latter is your choice, and you have an Accutron, then Bob Piker is the guy for the task.  There's a reason he is the only Bulova recommended site!  I had 2 accutrons from the 60"s that no longer worked,  when he completed the repairs I was truly impressed, so much so that I purchased another that he had for sale.  Again a very pleasant and timely experience.  Highly recommended.��Brice, Grand Rapids, MI


"The Repair of my '214'. I've owned this watch since I was in the Army but stopped wearing it for, maybe, 20 years. It came to light a few months ago but did not run. Then the fun began. I searched for a 'repair' and was shocked at the 'estimated' costs. Nobody except Bob would quote a repair cost. Oh. I did get some " The estimate will cost you so many hundred if we don't repair it". Somebody said "The average cost will be between five hundred and seven hundred". I was ready to sell it 'as is', then I found Bob. He quoted a price, return shipping and was confident that it could be repaired. I sent it off to him, got a reply and forgot about it. A short time later a box arrived and inside was my '214' keeping time and looking great, oh and a part Bob had to replace was inside. This is the person that I would trust if I was looking for someone to repair this type of watch. Disclaimer; I have no financial interest in nor do I even know Bob other than this transaction. Thanks Bob for great service." Craig--Miami, FL


"Dear Bob. I'm so glad I did my homework and found your business!. Contacting you with regards to a Bulova watch was the best decision I made. Your advice , knowledge, honesty & true professionalism, and previous testimonials, eased my mind sending a valuable 2000 miles. Your restorations are impeccable. You always kept in contact during the whole process, a pleasure to work with, and hope to do business with in the future again."--Kenny, Gilbert, AZ


"Bob, I just recieved the watch. What can I say? Fantastic! It's everything that I hoped it would be. Even the band Is perfect. Thanks for working with me on this...I look forward to doing business with you in the future. How can I leave you a "glowing" review?"--Michael, Gaithersburg, MD


"Bob, Just received and opened your box with the two 214's. Immediate reactions as the awesomeness sinks in...Astronaut 14k = "Holy Smoke" that's one hell of a watch, let alone an accutron. I'm almost humbled in its presence. Love the pale gold sheen - it simply oozes $$$ so much so that I'm nervous to wear the thing. Like walking around with Julia Roberts on your arm, how long will that last! My repaired 18k chapter ring = "Aaaah yes", perfect. Absolutely nothing less than perfect - now basically NOS. The crystal is so clear that it looks like there is no crystal. And what better way to see that sweeping brilliant orange second hand capture the essence of accutrons. Watching time slip by like that, is mesmerizing. I don't know why I waited so long to get her repaired but thanks so much. What more can I say !"--Dave, Hong Kong


"Hello Bob. I just received my repaired Accutron watch. Thank you for restoring it to working order. My watch has tremendous sentimental value and I can now proudly wear it. Your work is outstanding and at a very fair price. You are the best." -- Richard, Birmingham, AL


"Bob, I just wanted to write you and thank you for fixing my Spaceview, it looks fantastic. I didn�t know how to post a review on your website, but you can feel free to re-post this if you�d like. People who are considering restoration of these time pieces should feel absolutely confident in your abilities, you did a fantastic job and I thank you so much. I really appreciate that you were also very good about keeping the lines of communication open and holding to your estimates (time and cost). Thanks again Bob, I really appreciate it.--Derek--Wisconsin"


"Dear Bob, I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users. Details of the Recommendation: "Simply put, the best every time, every situation, never a doubt, never ! I was asked to list three attributes, that was the only hard part, is was to hard to pick only three, Bob hits the Bullseye every time."--Mike M.


"Bob, I wanted to let you know that the watch is very beautiful. You did such a great job restoring it. My husband just loves it. Thanks for making this a special Christmas. Your hard work is much appreciated! Thanks again."-- Erin, Christmas 2010


"Bob I wanted to take a minute to say thanks for your professionalism and integrity.   Literally the only thing I have left of my grandfather's is his retirement Accutron, which I sent to you with a great deal of hesitation simply because it IS all I have left.  The meticulous care and attention to detail which you used to restore it to almost pristine condition is something I don't see much of anymore.  I sent you a 40 year old watch which had not run for over 30 years, and you returned not just a beautifully restored watch, but a part of my family's history.  Everything from our initial communication to the return packaging was first class.  Please accept my gratitude and heartfelt appreciation. Sincerely, Gregg"--Asheville, NC


"I found Bob on the Internet after two years of frustration trying to get my father's Accutron repaired in the Austin, Texas area.  Bob's contacts over e-mail and the phone were always rapid and accurate, I would entrust any precious watch to him for repair at any time.  As Accutrons require special knowledge and tools, I would always consult Bob before anyone else--and his prices are more than reasonable for these amazing and intriguing timepieces."--Victor S. Alpher, Ph.D.


"Hello, Bob. I received my watch and am extremely happy with it.  I wanted to tell you what an excellent job you did with my Spaceview!  I knew it would be done very well, but I was actually amazed to see how good it looked and ran.  I received this watch when I was seventeen years old for a high school graduation gift in 1967.  It has been with me as I traveled over half the world and during most of my life-shaping events.  I honestly never thought it could be in this condition again.  Thank you very much for your outstanding work!"--Steve, Alabama


"Bob, I wanted you to know that I couldn't be happier with the work you did on my Dad's Spaceview.  It sat in a desk drawer for over 20 years and you got it running again flawlessly after a local jeweler said it was hopeless.  You've helped preserve a family heirloom that will be passed down to future generations and, for that, I can't thank you enough."--Nick, Kansas


"I actually couldn't wait to see the finished work of your efforts to restore my Accutron. Thee fact that it's working again after many years of setting in a drawer, relegated to junk and thanks to your talents working once again is a feat unto itself. It went on my wrist for the last time prior to presenting it to my grandson on his graduation this weekend. I had a twinge of nostalgia as I strapped it on, as it was working for the first time in many years, knowing that my Grandson will appreciate it for many more years thanks to your expertise and excellence in workmanship that restored it to the world of time. It's beautiful and all your efforts to make that happen are deeply appreciated. You certainly are expert at what you do and I know that your expertise comes from years of experience in the world of Watch Craft, and I never doubted that for a moment." -- Stan, New York

"Bob Piker is a magician when it comes to the repair and restoration on Accutron watches. I Have an Alpha M1 that was given to me by my grandfather. It was a watch he used every day. As you can imagine it was not in the best condition and on top of that it was starting to lose time more frequently. I sent my watch to Bob for a movement cleaning, repair and index adjustment, crystal replacement, and the case polished and the graining restored on the back. I also purchased a "new" old stock Accutron lizard watch band. When I received the watch back I was truly amazed at the quality of the work. He took a 48 year old watch and made it look brand new and it runs perfect now. I would recommend Bob piker to any one looking to have their Accutron worked on. He not only delivered a product beyond my expectations but did it in the time frame that was promised. Bob is a true artist and is the gold standard when it comes to Accutron watches." -- Michael, California

"Dear Bob, we received the watch Saturday and my wife is thrilled to have it once again.  As a musician she appreciates the hum which she says is close to A.  You are a very special person and have been very good to us with the two repairs you've done.  Your efforts are much appreciated!  If I know anyone in need of an Accutron repair I will recommend you without hesitation.  My very best to you." -- Lew, New York

"Hello, Bob. My Accutron Spaceview is now in perfect running order, thanks to you. It not only runs perfect , but looks like it did 40 years  ago. I would refer you to anyone looking to get the best service on their Accutron in a New York minute. Bob,thanks again. Great job !" -- Vince, New Jersey

"Bob Piker is a skilled Accutron craftsman.  What has impressed me about him,  is his persistence in the face of  extreme challenges in rebuilding my Mark IV Accutron Railroad Edition.  Mr. Piker also has access to  hard to find Accutron parts.  Nowadays it is  rare to find an Accutron craftsman of his caliber, with access to Accutron parts.  Mr. Piker is worth a great deal more than the rates that he charges.  You can entrust your Accutron heirloom to Mr. Piker for quality servicing." -- Robert C. Cassel, Baxter Springs, Kansas 

"Hello Bob, I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the watch. It runs just like it did when I received it. You are a man of your word, you delivered on everything you said you would." -- Ron, Illinois


"Dear Robert, just a note to let you know I received my Astronaut Accutron Mark II ...It is working beautifully and looks better than it ever did. And to think I was about to sell it as junk gold. It's nice to again hear that Accutron hum. Again, my thanks."--William, Georgia


"Bob did a super job, timely and professional.  He responded quickly and completely to questions, and produced superior work.  I am very happy with the work, and the value provided by the cost. Highly recommended."-- Larry R, New York City



Frequently Asked Questions


Which battery? An accutron 214 needs a 387s battery or a 394 with a reused plastic ring from the old battery for a 394. A 218 requires a 344 or 350 battery. Occasionally, the existing combination of pawl, fork, index wheel and coil will not allow an accutron to run slower with today's higher voltage 1.55v batteries. If that is the case, short of swapping parts while looking for a winning combinations (forks were oftentimes modified back in the day by removing metal material at their base) an easy solution might be to use an Accucell battery to reduce the voltage by .2v.


Directly from Bulova� on their web site, about Accutron # 214 battery problems: "Silver oxide cells are 1.55 volts, compared to mercury's 1.35 volts. The use of this slightly higher voltage cell will not affect the performance of a correctly adjusted Accutron. If the watch does not operate properly with a 1.55 volt substitute, the fault is either an incorrect adjustment of the movement, or worn parts in the movement. USING A 1.55V (Replacement) CELL WILL NOT CAUSE ANY DAMAGE TO THE MOVEMENT."


Why does my Accutron run fast? A fast running accutron  needs to be rephased to accommodate today's higher voltage batteries. Additional resistors do not need to be added to the movement. Occasionally, a movement can not be adjusted to run more slowly in which case an accucell battery will need to be used for a lower voltage but most will run reliably with today's 1.55v batteries. A little known fact, Accutrons were designed to accommodate 1.8v at the factory, so 1.55v is fine in a clean movement.


How often should an Accutron be serviced?  I recommend treating it like a Rolex and have it serviced once every 5 years.


Are Accutrons reliable? Yes. In fact, I wear one every day.


Is there a cooler watch than an Accutron? Absolutely not!


Are Accutrons waterproof? They are water-resistant, but I prefer not taking a chance as the parts can be harder to find for replacement nowadays and submerging an Accutron is never a good idea. Washing hands or an occasional rain drop is fine.


Can I tune my guitar with my Accutron? Yes, it hums at F sharp.


how fast can you repair my Accutron? Most Accutron, Accutron Spaceview Repair, Astronaut Accutron Repair and/or Accutron Restoration turnarounds are 6 -7 weeks. Please feel free to call if you have any questions.

Is my watch insured? It is insured for as much as you would like to have it insured for when you ship it to me. When I ship it back it is also insured for its replacement value. I receive packages at my P.O. box because it's the safest place to receive a package and requires me to sign for every watch received so that we both have a tracking record.

What type of formal training have you had as a watch repairer? As of 2014, I've had 25 years of hands-on Accutron repair experience. I started out slowly and now repair 10 to 12 Accutrons per week for customers from around the world. I am a member of the NAWCC (National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors). All that means to you, though, is that I know a lot of watch and clock people and I get a lot of magazines. I fix one kind of watch and one kind only...ACCUTRONS. That's my specialty and I have little interest in muddying the waters by working on any other type of watch. I consider myself an Accutron expert so you can take comfort in the fact that your cherished Accutron will be in the hands of a bonafide Accutron aficionado/nut and the repairs are my paramount interest. Really, would you rather have a real Accutrons expert working on your cherished timepiece or someone whose experience can only partially be attributed to Accutrons when most of their bench time has been spent working on mechanical watches? I'm not formally trained. So very few people are nowadays. Those that claim to be formally trained aren't because there hasn't been a formal Accutron training school for many, many years. They may be trained but not with Accutrons. My training comes from hands on experience with over four thousand Accutrons since I've been repairing them as a service. The things I've learned about Accutrons are the tidbits which allow me to perform successful repairs beyond the scope of a repair manual, so many years later to a model few people have the understanding to accomplish. That's why so many watch repairers won't touch them. They truly are an animal unto themselves, beyond the scope of a trained watch repair person who hasn't spent all of his bench time looking at Accutron movements.

Are there any burglary protection devices installed to protect my Accutron? I have video security recording anyone who steps into my office, whether I am there or not, and am notified immediately if that were to happen. Not to mention the fact that I'm a good sized guy, making it extremely difficult for anyone to persuade me to part with an Accutron in my care.

Why are my prices so reasonable for repairs and, frankly, so low? Because I do not have a brick and mortar store with high rents necessitating the need to charge higher prices in order to offset costs, and I do not have a staff requiring paychecks. Why in the world should you have to pay more than $210 - $245 to repair an Accutron if parts aren't needed? If you receive an estimate from another repair facility with numerous parts mentioned needing to be replaced then you should consider another repairer. I charge for my single-minded experience and ability with Accutron repair and generally charge very little more than my cost for most parts if needed. They usually are not needed. I have all the tools, equipment and experience necessary to get your Accutron working like a champ once again. I do not charge an estimate or diagnosis fee since it only takes a couple of minutes to diagnose an Accutron.

Is there a written repair warranty? If you ask for one I will gladly provide it without question. It is easy to know where you stand after an Accutron repair has been performed by me. Regardless of cost, I'll always do everything possible to keep an accutron working as it should. Believe me when I say there is a multitude of conditions to consider outside of the repair manual when it comes to making an accutron repair and I'll look at them all. There isn't a better guarantee available. I can tell you this, I do warranty all repairs for a full year, including parts I replace. Keep your Accutron clean and service it like a good mechanical watch once every 5 years and it work fine for many years to come. Doing so will reduce greatly the need for future part replacement.

Repair Services and Fees


I may be a "hobbyist" according to another website but my repair abilities speak for themselves. One day, I'll write the book on Accutrons. I truly love Accutrons and definitely enjoy repairing them. I'm one of the fortunate people who have been afforded the opportunity to turn a hobby into a profession and still like what I do. And if you want case restoration there is an additional fee because there is additional work. Anyone who claims not to charge for restoration work is simply building the labor for restoration into their service fee. My fees are very low compared to theirs and if you get a repair estimate from them in the range of $1000-1400 when standard service from me would cost you, on average, $210 then ask yourself who you would rather have working on your cherished Accutron. I'm confident the thousands of Accutron customers whose Accutrons I have repaired are thankful to have paid only for what was truly needed instead of for parts that didn't need to be replaced at all. Really, parts are rarely needed but when they are I'll let you know first. Unlike some others, I do not charge a "diagnosis" fee and at your request would gladly return any parts which truly needed to be replaced.


After many compliments regarding my Accutron Repair, Accutron Spaceview Repair, and Astronaut Accutron Repair Service, the Accutron Spaceview and Accutron Astronaut watches in my personal collection, and regarding those Accutron Spaceview and Accutron Astronaut watches I have sold in the past, I've decided to offer the same service to those interested in making their worn and tired Accutron Astronaut and Accutron Spaceview and other Accutron models once again perform and ook as good as they did years ago.


Feel free to look at my Accutrons, Accutron Spaceview, and Accutron Astronaut watches for sale. The photos below will give you a very good idea as to the results that you can expect to see for your Accutron Repair, Accutron Spaceview Repair, or Astronaut Accutron Repair.

If you choose more than a standard repair, my Accutron Repair, Accutron Spaceview Repair, and Astronaut Accutron repair services include the removal of  scratches from cases and bracelets, polishing of your watch for a beautiful finish, replacement of original vertical case back and circular finishes on battery hatches and crowns, crystal replacement--all restoration--hack spring adjustment to once again stop your sweep during time-setting, movement cleaning/repair, index adjustment (re-phasing) so that it keeps time using readily available 387s or 344 batteries, and hand replacement or hand relumination.

When it is all said and done, depending upon the level of Accutron Repair, Accutron Spaceview Repair, or Astronaut Accutron Repair or Restoration you prefer, your vintage Accutron, Accutron Spaceview or Accutron Astronaut can be made to look nearly new with a factory-like finish. Send me an email and include your phone number if you would like me to call you to discuss Accutron Repair, Accutron Spaceview Repair or Astronaut Accutron Repair.


Accutron Repair Form

Prices for individual Accutron Repair, Accutron Spaceview Repair,

Accutron Astronaut Repair and Accutron Restoration


I offer a one-year labor warranty on all repairs, and when they last that long there's no reason to believe that they won't last for another generation with good care.


Please do not send any boxes which you want back as I do not keep them for return. Also, please do not overpackage your Accutron with bundles of tape making it difficult to remove them from packaging. I do have a usual 6 week turnaround once payment is received. Please be sure to include the name of the person I will be communicating with instead of the name of the person making the shipment if it is different. You would be surprised how many of these I receive, making it difficult sometimes to asssociate a particular Accutron with a person calling for status. If at all possible, please include an email address on my mail in form and I'll be able to use that to make sure you get a receipt if payment is by credit card for repair. If you have a solid gold bracelet on  your Accutron, if possible I recommend removing it before shipment. Please be sure to clearly write your contact information on the mail in form. You may be able to read your own writing, but please make sure than I can, too. When I return your Accutron, if you have included an email address, you will receive a tracking # once it is shipped back to you.


Accutron case bezel refinishing, $50

Accutron case back refinishing, both circular and vertical graining (includes crown and battery hatch on 214 models), $50

Rotating Accutron Astronaut bezel refinishing, circular (gold or steel), $75

214 Accutron movement cleaning, service/repair and index adjustment, $210 (will fix most Accutron 214 models)

218 and other non-214 model Accutron Movement cleaning, repair and index adjustment, $245  (will fix most Accutron 218 or other models)

Accutron clocks, $275

Bracelet refinishing (includes buckle), $100

Crystal replacement, $40 to $125 (most spaceviews are $50)

Chapter Ring relume, $50

Hand relume, $50

Dial relume, $50

FulFull Full set hand replacement, $50 - $75. Astronaut lumed sweeps, if needed, are $50 individually and will need to be tracked down by me first.


Accutron Spaceview Accutron Astronaut Accutron Repair Accutron Restoration    Accutron Spaceview Accutron Astronaut Accutron Repair Accutron Restoration

Accutron Spaceview Accutron Astronaut Accutron Repair Accutron Restoration    Accutron Spaceview Accutron Astronaut Accutron Repair Accutron Restoration

Accutron Spaceview Accutron Astronaut Accutron Repair Accutron Restoration    Accutron Spaceview Accutron Astronaut Accutron Repair Accutron Restoration

If you would like to contact me directly about Accutron Repair, Accutron Spaceview Repair, or

Astronaut Accutron Repair, please send an email to:, or
call 309.287.2627 and I would be happy to help you with your Accutron Repair,

Accutron Spaceview Repair or Astronaut Accutron Repair.

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